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About i-Mode

i-Mode is an internet service for mobile phones, it is similar to WAP. O2 recently lauched i-mode in the UK however, there isn't much free English language content (but lots of weird Japanese games! SFCave is very good). Note: i-Mode phones use DoJa Java and not Sun microsystems MIDP, this means the vast majority of games in the UK are incompatible with i-mode phones.

Installation instructions

To install the games, simply browse to the mobile version of this website with your i-mode browser and click the relevant "Download" link. NOTE: you cannot download these games from a non i-mode device, for example your PC.

The games were developed for my Nec N343i (if you want a cheap i-mode phone - I recomend it) and therefore look best on a 128x128 screen.

Available Games

NOTE: These games are not compatible with non i-mode phones

icon i-City

A city simulator, build a city but keep an eye on your finances.

To begin construction of your city, press the left softbutton (the left hand button under the screen) and the build menu will appear to the bottom of the screen. Use the left and right arrow keys to select a type of property to construct, the price of the highlighted property is shown in the bottom left of the screen, then press the select button to exit the build menu. Now you will be able to construct your chosen building by pressing select.

Be careful when building as you are charged maintenance costs for any unoccupied residential, commercial or industrial properties and running costs for any public services you provide. To see your current expenses, press the right softbutton to access your city statistics, then use the arrow keys to navigate to the budget page.

To attract people to your properties you must think about their wants and needs. Residents need jobs and want neighbours, some local grassland and shops, Industry needs a local workforce and good transport links and Shops need local customers. People also like areas with low pollution, to toggle the pollution view press #. You can reduce pollution in an area by ensuring there is some grassland or trees and by cutting down on roads and industrial properties.

i-City title screen i-City screenshot
Download (19.7kb) Source Code

icon SFCave

SFCave is a remake of a classic palm pilot game by Sun Flat, the aim is to guide a mystical ribbon through a cave without crashing into the ceiling, floor or rocks.

To play, press any button to make your ribbon rise, it will fall under gravity.

SFCave title screen SFCave screenshot
Download (11.3kb) Source Code

icon Checkers

Update! This new release features 3 difficulty modes (hard will run very slowly!) and much better AI, currently you cannot save your game.

To play, use the arrow keys to select a piece to move, then select the square you want to move to.

Checkers title screen Checkers title screen
Download (10.9kb) Source Code

icon Sudoku

Update! This version adds support for user defined puzzles - just select difficulty custom, you can then manually enter a puzzle from your favourite news paper.

Sudoku is a popular (at least it is in the UK) puzzle, the aim is to fill the grid will the numbers such that each 3x3 square, row and column contains each of the digits from 1 to 9.

This game features:

To play, use the arrow keys to position your cursor and the keypad to type your choice of number. On the title screen use the left softkey to start a new game and the right softkey to change the difficulty (pressing any number to return you to the puzzle that you were playing previously). In game the left softkey quits to the title screen, select highlights the current square and the right softkey clears the value of the selected square.

Sudoku title screen Sudoku screenshot
Download (10.3kb) Source Code

icon Vexed

Update! There was a bug in my undo code that stopped you from making more than 15 moves! Please update now!

Vexed is a rewrite of a classic Palm pilot game (many thanks to the creators and level designers), the objective is to make all of the blocks disappear (if two or more touch then they disappear). To make things harder, you have a par score for each level, you must at least equal the par to progress to the next level. Simple but very fun.

This game features:

To play, use the arrow keys to position your cursor and the two softkeys to push blocks left and right. Pressing * resets the level and 0 will undo the last move (as with the oridinal Vexed the undo history is limited to the last 15 moves).

Vexed title screen icon
Download (23.9kb) Source Code

icon Snake!

A snake clone with a twist, your tail doesn't shrink. Move the snake using your direction buttons, you score 1 point for every square you occupy and 100 points for each piece of food you eat.

To play, use the arrow keys to change the direction of the snake, it is not possible to slow down or stop. The left softkey resets the game and the right softkey quits. Your score is displayed in the bottom right, and the high score in the bottom left (my high score is 1218).

Snake title screen Snake screenshot
Download (2.6kb) Source Code


Feel free to contact me with feedback on any of these games either by the comment box, e-mail (george_norton_uk @ or by posting in the sourceforge forum for this project.

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If you would like to contribute any games of your own, or learn to write your own i-mode games then get in touch. DoJa provide an excellent introduction to writing i-Appli's here. LogoGeorge Norton, 2006 (george_norton_uk @
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